Personalized Memorial 3D Crystal Candle Holder

Personalized Memorial 3D Crystal Candle Holder

Turn your favourite photos into a stunning 3D photo crystal that can be used as a candle holder. Engraved using specialist Sub-Surface laser technology, memories are preserved forever in a crystal that will never fade or disintegrate. Perfect for couples, memorials and anyone that loves personalising their home décor.

Ideal as a wedding keepsake, anniversary gift or for remembering loved ones who have passed away. Suitable for one tealight candle.


Suitable for a single candle and sitting on an artistically designed base, this 3D Crystal Candle Holder makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. It can be personalised with a special snap, their names and a message, creating the perfect memorial or celebratory keepsake.

The faceted edges of the 3D photo crystal are meticulously laser-engraved and help to reflect light, making your cherished memory stand out even more. We also remove any backgrounds from the image to ensure your loved ones are always front and centre. You can then resize and reposition the image until you are happy with it.

This elegant piece is a great addition to any Shabbos licht tray or table and can be used as a memorial to commemorate the loss of a loved one. The candle holder is made from high-quality material and comes with a presentation box.

Its sophisticated hinge function looks simple but is produced with a complex casting process that allows the holder to open and close under its own weight, clamping candles of various sizes and shapes. Its innovative design is a result of extensive tests and multiple prototypes.

Illuminate your 3D laser engraved crystal candle holder with an LED light base. This sleek stand is designed to blend in with any décor while brightly illuminating your engraved photograph or message. The LED light base is powered by an AC/DC power adapter or AAA batteries, making it easy to use and perfect for any occasion. The light base is available in black or gold, to suit your style and taste. It can be purchased separately or bundled with your custom-made crystal candle holder. This makes it a unique and personal gift that will be treasured forever.


The crystal used to make this stunning candle holder is high quality and expertly crafted through a number of processes including die-casting, polishing, and electroplating. This ensures that the finished product is durable and long-lasting. This also gives the crystal a beautiful shimmer that will light up any room. In addition to this, the crystal is carefully engraved using laser technology. This ensures that the etched images will last forever, making this a perfect gift for any occasion.

The photo is masterfully engraved in jaw-dropping 3D, meaning that you can enjoy treasured memories every day. Our specialist technique locks the image in to the surface of the crystal, so it won’t fade or deteriorate. You can choose any snap from your phone or computer to engrave onto this gorgeous design. Simply upload your image, then move and resize until you’re happy with the results. We’ll even remove any background from your photograph so that only the important parts of the image are etched into the crystal.

Once your model is completely dry, add a second coat of resin. Again, pay special attention to the area where the candle will sit. If any bubbles pop up, try blowing on them with CO2 to help get rid of them. When you’re done, leave your models to harden for at least 24 hours.

This beautiful candle holder is ideal for couples, memorials or anyone who loves personalised decor. It comes with a tealight candle, and the crystal is meticulously laser engraved with a picture as well as names and a message. This makes it a great birthday or anniversary present, or a memorial for someone who has passed away.

The holder is also beautifully presented in a leatherette black gift box, and is ready to be given as a gift. Standard tracked shipment is available Australia wide. Express shipping options are also available. This is a great way to send your loved ones a heartfelt message and to show them how much you care.


We use specialist sub-surface laser engraving to bring your chosen photo to life on this eye-catching 3D crystal candle holder. The photo is engraved into the surface of the crystal so it won’t fade over time, making it a permanent keepsake. We also remove any background from the photograph to focus on your loved ones, ensuring that special memories are preserved for eternity. This timeless candle holder design is perfect for couples, memorials and anyone who wants to show off their photos.

Engravings are deep and vibrant and will never fade or disintegrate. To create your custom personalised candle holder, simply upload a photo from your phone or computer and we will take care of the rest. We will then carefully engrave the image into the surface of the crystal to ensure that it looks its very best. We also engrave the names and date on the front of the crystal to add that extra touch of personalisation.

Once your photo has been engraved into the surface of the crystal, we will carefully wrap it in protective bubble wrapping and send it to you. Once you open your package, you will find your beautiful new candle holder in its own presentation box, ready to be given as a gift or displayed in your home.

Whether it’s for a wedding keepsake, an anniversary gift or a memorial candle for a lost loved one, this gorgeous optical crystal candle holder will bring a smile to your face every time you light it. Make sure you order yours today and keep your most treasured memories forever.


Simple yest elegant optical crystal candle holder is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for corporate gifting, an anniversary celebration or just a special present for loved ones, these candles are sure to light up your recipients’ lives and make them feel valued.

Upload a snap straight from your phone and watch it come to life in jaw-dropping 3D thanks to our specialist sub-surface laser technique. We’ll even remove the background so that only the most important parts of your photo are engraved into the glass. This beautiful design makes a timeless gift for couples or memorials – it’ll never go out of style!